Over at Taylor Brooke

Every time I think of wine, or I hear some schlub espousing it in some way, all I can think about is Elizabeth Bathroy, maybe a tub of virgin’s blood, some werewolves – you know; Vampires. Then I think, ooh, that’s sexy.

So, Wine = Vampires = sexy = find a therapist. And I will, but not right now. I’m drinking wine….

And I was; just minding my own business, having a little sip, when my phone interrupted. I had a call…

Here is how the conversation went. Exactly, word for word:

so, is this Claraism

I was like – yeah

they were like – opening a brew-pub – need some Claraism in it, you down?

I was all – eh

they were like – the town needs you, the brew-pub needs you – THE PEOPLE NEED YOU

so, I was like – yeah, I know, it’s Wednesday

they were all – so, you’ll do it?

I said, firmly – no vampires

and they promised: you will be shielded

I said – I’m in

Taylor Brooke, in Woodstock, CT, of course, is making beer, too. They are opening a brand new brewery and it’s got a bar and fancy country tables and a gravel driveway. And now, they’ve got some Claraism, too.


History was made once again in Woodstock, CT as I low-key art-ed the fuck out of that one wall behind the bar – with a little white and yellow and they gave me some ‘genetic-land-shark-madness’ that they promised was non-toxic (I don’t play) that I could mix into the chalk to give it that beer-in-the-woods razamatazz everybody wanted. One of the guys called it Elizabeth, I dunno, it smelled kind of funny.

No matter. I mixed that stuff in and got to art-ing. It was fun working there with everybody else that was there finishing the building. The folks running the place are really nice and everybody had a good time. Can’t wait to go hob-knob at the ‘soft’ opening coming up.

Of course, after the opening, where everyone gets all posh, and looks at each other over turned-down glasses, I won’t ever go back. Who wants to sit at a bar getting their drunk on eye-balling their own art? WTF!? All I need is a little drunken anxiety to fuel my hella hangover.

Yeah, no thank you.

Taylor Brooke FTW – go have a beer and some fun but leave a note with someone that loves you before you go. It’s a long, dark road and I friggen KNOW that Elizabeth meant virgin’s blood.

Fukken Vampires.