Mixed Media Process

Ism : Definition (noun)
the act, practice, or process of doing something
behaviour like that of a specified kind of person or thing, My Mixed media process is Claraism

I read somewhere that dreams represent the mythology of the individual and that the mythology of a people in its different cultural forms, i.e., art, literature, and music represents the dream and/or nightmare of the collective. Claraism and my mixed media process is my very own Mythology, and those that buy, sign up for a workshop, watch my videos or follow my mixed media art on social media, relate to that mythology on some level.

The Shaken

My works evolve over many layers, using paint, marks and intuition to find the sometimes quiet, soulful figures, and other-times screaming and banging on the walls of my mind to be heard demons. Through my mixed media process, I seek to actively engage each viewer in a visual dialogue about our connectedness to the natural world and the desire to preserve its beauty with those things our subconscious whispers in our dreams and nightmares.

Being mixed media I get into paper mache, and it’s definitely not your Mother’s Paper Mache! My paper mache is not what you remember from Kindergarten. Paper mache can be used by professional artists (and amateurs, too) to make beautiful, original art. people of all ages can use paper mache to create long-lasting sculptures they can be proud of. Claraism offers Fun and easy Tutorials and in-depth workshops dedicated to new and interesting Paper mache methods. click Here to Watch a video or click Here and sign up for one of my Workshops.

We sweat and laugh and scream here
Cause life is just a dream here
You know inside you feel
Right at home here

Alice Cooper