about the mixed media artist, sculptress and painter of soulful works

About The mixed media artist

A little about the Mixed Media Artist Clara
I am a self-taught mixed media artist, sculptress and painter of soulful works. My creative journey started as an art journal artist and developed a love for experimenting with mixed media materials and techniques. giving in and letting my muse loose, enjoying the process of creating by following my curiosity and with each step that leads to a finished surface, learning to see what happens and trusting in the process. I love challenges, experimenting with disparate media and developing new techniques and skills. I believe in recycling and upcycling and adore texture, paints of any kind and flea market supplies.

My art is complex as is my subject. People aren’t always pretty. They are more than skin deep. They are more than a portrait, they’re an environment. Therefore, my works are layered, complicated, nuanced, evolving and full of subtext. This is a journey I am on, exploring the path of intuitive art, listening to the voice within to learn, create and share what I find along the way.

Even though, I am a self-taught mixed media artist; I consider myself an art maker, Pathfinder, storyteller and teacher using whatever materials inspire me to begin my journey. Captivated by colour and pattern, I use these elements to explore the unseen, the mysterious, the unknowable, and the imagined.

My style is a blend of Folk, Whimsical and abstract art. It is the fusion of what I see every day in my dreams, Nightmares and my waking life. My works have been displayed in serval galleries, retail shops and covers of a few books. Be sure to check out my shop for some of my newest prints. Need something custom? drop me a line. I welcome commissions too.